name 践元
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Hend 12-08-04  
look at him.. he is so adorable ;___;
繕鋭左壱竺圭爽税 12-09-16  
数澗乞柔戚戚係惟戚施呪亜ばばばば遭促 蟹亀 乞牽惟 斐控馬惟 郊虞左壱赤惟鞠澗ばばばばば
Mania 12-10-11  
who can have such an innocent smile and eyes
I'm really jealous ばばば ... lol~XD
but he's really more than adorable here
and thankyuuuuuuuuuu for such a lovely pic
KH0203 12-10-12  
旭戚 耕社憎壱赤醸嬢推ぞぞ
ING 12-11-15  
Thank you very much for the child~
照括鋭 12-12-21  
数澗惟森斯 鋭薄神匙 ⊂
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