name 践元
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MinDulRei 13-12-02  
OMG Oppa you are so adorable >w<
I love the new outfit!!

Thanks for beautiful pics!
neen 13-12-03  
thank you for sharing
my BB always handsome >_<////
神栗 13-12-03  
神沓幻税 穣汽戚闘~ 牌雌 森斯紫遭 姶紫杯艦陥~
Geki 13-12-05  
My babykyuuuu せせせせせせせ
20060527 13-12-06  
探紫陥 せせせせ o my angel
陥朔帖 13-12-08  
妃走細戚奄! 煽亀 凧 疏焼馬澗汽推..せせ 戚斯 紫遭 姶紫杯艦陥 :)
鋭薄郊虞奄 13-12-27  
掘遁鋭薄 13-12-30  
紫遭戚 格巷 森撒推!
紺馬 14-02-05  
益撹 辞赤壱 訊 戚係惟 設 持医柔艦猿???? 鋭還 ><
Gabong Hyunnie 14-06-14  
The 1st pic uhhhh~ Very cute KyuKyu ><
liebekyumin 14-07-20  
Adorable Kyu <3 <3 <3
You are the best, baby.
bomiko 14-08-26  
訊 戚係惟 設 持延 闇亜推?!?!?!?!?!?!
Bellina 14-10-16  
I got misty just seeing his face T.T
thanks for nice pics, HM
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