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neen 14-03-02  
you make my day kyuhyun <3<3
thank you for sharing
Mania 14-03-03  
how can he be that handsome really ???? OMG ...
the 2nd pic and his eyes .... my heart isn't beating
thankyu masternimmmm
輯遁什展鋭 14-03-04  
格巷 森孜革推ぬ 紫遭 姶紫杯艦陥ぬ
慎据備鋭汗還 14-03-07  
人 遭促 鋭薄神匙澗 訊戚係惟 戚旨戚旨昔走ばばばば
Geki 14-03-09 
Precious baby<3
Claudia Alonso 14-03-13  
Thankyu for sharing ^^
濁空廃鋭 14-03-30  
神匙税 比降精 紫櫛戚革推ばばばばばばばばばばば
五経言呼爽 14-04-07  
勧 伽姶壱 責澗 暗 格巷 戚孜革推 謝亀 戚孜壱 遭促 陥戚撒推~
Gabong Hyunnie 14-06-14  
Thanks a lot for uploading these beautiful pics~~~
BabyKyu is so handsome and cute ><
宅政 14-07-03  
生焼焼た焼たた 陥獣坐亀 格巷 森撒ばばばばばばばばば紫遭姶紫杯艦希ばばばば
liebekyumin 14-07-20  
I was at that event that day..he was very supper handsome and cute and naughty and brillant and much more...
I reallyyyyyyyyy love him..
Thanks for sharing the most wonderful Kyu's pics for us....
bomiko 14-08-26  
瑛娠壱 寡耕害生稽 刃混馬革推ばばばばばば
Bellina 14-10-16  
He's extra cute that day, even prayed for his fans that attending this event even tho they were having exam.
Ah Kyu..
狽舘 15-09-05  
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