name 践元
subject 140621


liebekyumin 14-07-20  
ohh myy godddd, I love the first pic of this set! he was soooo cute! no wonder why I love him and he is beloved by fans all over the world..so proud of him, really.
bomiko 14-08-26  
察娃 仙填亀 鈷閃! 級食陥kyuせせせせせせせ
Bellina 14-10-16  
wow, last pic, his nose *.*
畳貝戚 14-10-31  
紫遭 姶紫背推ばば 人 釣劾 企酵
maika 15-09-27  
瑛娠陥 ばば 格巷 瑛娠陥ばば 紫遭姶紫杯艦陥ばば
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